1. I think that they would not use it sensibly and the world would end up killing each other and it wil end up nobody left.

  2. I disagree because if we all did magic like say if i was going to turn the school into a chocolate factory everyone might turn into chocolate.

  3. It would be bad if we were mad at each other because we would turn each other into frogs and there would be no point of learning but it would be good as well because we could be rich and famous

  4. That is a very interesting comment Jayden. I do hope that wouldn’t be the case, but I can see why you may think that. If I had magic powers I would try and take away everyone else’s powers just to stop the world from coming to an end.

  5. It’s good if we could do magic because if it was a mess, we could tidy up with magic. And we could have a party without setting it up because we could use magic. Love, Mae

  6. I think it would be cool because then you can lay in bed and if you need a drink you can work your magic and you will get it and you won’t have to get out of bed.

  7. I think that If we all had magic then we can all have everything that you ever wanted.

  8. What would you do with a million pounds Jarrel? And why only one million, what about a million, million? What would the world be like if we all had millions and millions of pounds?

  9. I think you are right Morgan. The world would be a very different place. If everyone had everything they wanted would that be a good thing? Would we all want things that are good?

  10. I think the world will be very boring because today not everyone can do magic and you can do magic shows. If everybody could do magic, the magic shows you put on will be very boring to everyone else. They already know how to do it!

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