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Building Update

Today Cleo and I took some visitors to have a look around the new classroom extension which is nearing completion. Very exciting!

Here is what it looks like so far.

14 thoughts on “Building Update

  1. looking really Good, and the hall is coming on well too.

  2. That all looks really good. When will the Tennison Road entrance be fully operational, i.e. open for the After school clubs

  3. Hello Jude,

    Not long now! We expect that part of the expansion project to be completed in April.

    Best wishes


  4. Hello Bruce,

    It’s maths fancy dress tomorrow. You can come dressed in anything with a maths theme.

    See you tomorrow.

    Ms Papas

  5. Well done Heavers Farm on your new extension it’s looking good

  6. Well I can not wait any longer! I am too exited .[why are we having a new year 5?]

  7. Hello Noor,

    We are building new classrooms because since September 2011 we have been taking an extra class of children into Reception. We used to have two classes in every year group but now we will have three. This means that we have to move the classes around a little bit to fit everyone in! When the building work is finished we will have three classrooms for every year group.

    Ms Papas

  8. Hello Stephanie,

    I agree, I can’t wait to see what they look like too! Have you noticed that the windows and doors have now been fitted, it’s so exciting.

    Ms Papas

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