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Snow Work

Yesterday a lot of our pupils put their snow day to good use and produced some brilliant homework. Have a look at the class blogs to see what they have all been up to.

Some highlights are:

Nathaniel in Pearl Class, Year 3, updated his blog ‘Nathaniel Cameron’ with some fantastic homework.

Charlie in Silver Class, Reception, and his sister Eleanor in Topaz Class, Year 2, posted a video of their fun in the snow

Miss Hawkins, Platinum Class teacher, showed us the snowman she made!

miss hawkinsMiyu from Peridot Class (Year 1) and her brother showed us a video of them playing in the snow

Rhianna in Amber Class, Year 2, left a very nice update about her day

Hi Amber Class,
It is Rhianna. I have worked hard all day doing work and spellings. My hand is hurting from writing so much. I did very well with my reading today and I am gong to relax now, ready for School tomorrow.
Take care.
Love Rhianna xx

Himani in Topaz Class, Year 2, made a fantastic slideshow about the snow, I love the music!

Tanya in Topaz Class, Year 2, made a lovely video about the snow.

Keira in Amber Class, Year 2 and her brother Kingsley  in Topaz Class, Year 2, posted a video ‘Snowbound in the Park’

Mr Reid, teacher in Sapphire Class Year 5 set a tricky ‘Snowday maths challenge” Alliyah in Sapphire Class gave a very detailed answer:

Alliyah says:
1. The distance travelled by Mr O:
(a) 5 days in a week= 5x7x2=70

(b) Extra trip to get the laptop= 1x7x2=14
the distance travelled by Mr O in that whole week= 70+14=84 miles
2. The distance travelled by Mr Reid:
5 days in a week= 5x5x2=50
3. Total distance travelled by both Mr O and Mr Reid= 84+50=134 miles

Well done and thank you to everyone for working so hard yesterday.