38 thoughts on “Thought for the week: Would you dare… Eat sweets every day?

  1. I don’t think it would be such a good idea to eat sweets all the time,you could be sick,sticky and have rotten teeth which would make you less attracting.😄

  2. I would not eat sweets everyday because your teeth will be rotten, you will get sick, you will be putting a lot of fatness in your body and you might get diabetes.

  3. If you eat sweets every day you could get sick and your teeth are going to be rotten and fall out. You could not eat again.

  4. No I would not like to eat sweets everyday, because our school is a healthy school and I would have to go to the dentist everyday and wouldn’t that be hard work.(My house is very far from the dentist.)

  5. No, because if you eat sweets every day your teeth will get rotten and get holes in them and fall out, and then you’ll have to eat soup for the rest of your life. Also it is bad for you because you can get a fat tummy as well.

  6. well I don’t eat sweet every day but if it was my choice I would eat 1 hole packet once a week and brush my teeth.

  7. Sweets have sugar in them, which is not good;Too much sugar rottens your teeth and also it can cause many illness.

  8. I wouldn’t eat sweets everyday because you need your teeth to eat solid food. Also it’ll make you feel very ill. It won’t be very pleasant!

  9. I don’t think you should eat sweets everyday because it has quite a lot of sugar, just have it occasionally!

  10. I really would like to do it but it I did it I would have to face the consequences which would be that my teeth would be rotten.

  11. I don’t like eating sweets because its not good for your teeth plus your teeth will fall down.

  12. I would not because sweets everyday can give you disseses like dieabites and obessity.

  13. I would not because sweets everyday because it could get you really sick and it also might give you a toothache.

  14. No I would not because sweets are unhealthy and they might make your belly rumble and you might go to the hospital.

  15. Sweets are a kid´s favoriate ,they have been around for centuries. But yes eating sweets every day could cause dangerous fat levels in our bodys wich could lead to strokes,dieabites or worse.Eat a good diet ,you dont want to make the same mistake I did,I have already had 2 fillings at the dentist and two drills in my teeth! HAPPY FRIDAY EVERYONE!!!

  16. I would not eat sweets every day because, children need to be healthy to make there body’s grow. Mabe have sweets now and then but not everyday. And to conclude, a lot of adults suffer from diabetes and could suffer from a low blood pressure. So if you eat sweets everyday until you are fifty you could suffer diabetes or have low blood pressure.

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