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Snow Update

tamSchool will be closed on Monday 21st January 2013 and we plan to re-open on Tuesday 22nd January 2013.

I have just driven to school to see what the local roads and pavements are like. Although the main roads appear to have been gritted all of the pavements are covered in compacted snow. The temperature is predicted to be -2 by 9.00am tomorrow.

The Met Office have issued an ice warning saying: “Sub-zero overnight temperatures will lead to ice forming where snow has fallen or melted during Sunday. In addition there is the risk of further localised snowfalls of some 1-3 cm in places during Monday with a low risk of as much as 5 cm. The public should be aware of the risk of disruption to travel during this continuing spell of wintry weather.”

Therefore, I think it would be safer for everyone to stay at home.

I will ask the teachers to update their blogs so that you can all find work to do tomorrow. Keep checking your class blog for updates.

I am sorry for any inconvenience caused. Hopefully the snow and ice will have disappeared by Tuesday so that school can open as normal.

8 thoughts on “Snow Update

  1. Hi thanks for the update living close to the school local roads are like a skid pan


  2. Hello Alan,

    I know, I just drove from Crystal Palace to school and it was a scary experience! The pavements look worse than the roads. The temperature is going to drop very low tonight so I think tomorrow will be like an ice rink.


  3. Is there going to be snow on Tuesday and plus are there going to be buses on Tuesday?

  4. Hello Elizabeth,

    I am not sure. I think that most of the snow and ice will have gone by Tuesday however we can’t be sure because the weather may change. I will keep you updated on the blog. You can check what is happening with buses, trains and trams by looking at the TFL website.

    Ms Papas

  5. Thanks for the update Ms Papas,

    Can you please advise if the childrens homework for this week will also be updated to their class blog? along with work for Monday.

    Kind Regards Reetu Suman.

  6. Hello Reetu,

    Yes, I hope that all of the teachers put the homework up on their blog this week. I will email them in the morning.

    Best wishes


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