11 thoughts on “Thought for the week: Success has nothing to do with what you gain…

  1. When you have success in life it has nothing to do with what you gain or accomplish for your self. It is what you do for different people.

  2. I agree because if you were to play for a football team and you scored a goal it would not just be for you it would be for your team.

  3. When you do a good deed to another person you gain two things the first thing that you would gain is a friend but you would also gain happiness because someone has appreciated you.

  4. I agree because if you help other’s and not just focus on your self, you would make them feel happy and special.

  5. you can help others and yourself by helping them achive your achiving something yourself

  6. by achieving stuff in life u can also help other people by giving them the glory of helping yo find that special answer which helps you get to success

  7. I think it means that if you achieve something for yourself you will feel good but you will feel better if you achieve something for others and it doesn’t always have to be your friend.

  8. I agree because when you help your friends, you feel really good as you’ve improved your strengths. For example: You are quite good at maths, but not very good. Your friend asks what the method is for a multiplication question. That’s something you are not good at. Soon, you make an effort and when it is time to see our marks, your friend’s marks are great. This means you’ve improved in multiplication methods, and you feel delighted to have achieved something great. BEING HELPFUL!

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