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Maths Week

Piets-House-LargeNext week is Maths Week. Every class will be taking part. There is a different maths theme each day and children will be involved in lots of exciting maths based activities.

As part of maths week every class will be given £20.00 to use for an enterprise activity that they will use to make as much money as they can by Friday. The money made will use to buy more maths equipment for the school. On Monday the classes will start to plan their activity and they will be putting their enterprise activity into action on Friday afternoon from 1.45pm. (The class teachers will give you more details about your child’s enterprise activity at the start of next week).

Classes from different year groups will be paired up;  the older children will plan and teach the younger children a maths skill.

On Friday we are asking the children to come to school in maths fancy dress. Each class will also hold a maths quiz with children vs children and children vs teachers! The children will also be displaying their maths art work in their classrooms on Friday afternoon. Please come along and have a look at their work from 1.45pm onwards. 

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