11 thoughts on “Thought for the week: Happiness is not something ready made…

  1. I agree,because when you do hard work in your homework you could get a homework award and get a merit
    another way is when you help your friends and family but you don’t get an award you just feel happy for yourself
    or something good happens to you.
    Shanice Sapphire class yr 5

  2. I appreciate you to try telling the children (and their parents) the important words. This proverb by Dalai Lama is very important to live. I’m a father of Miyu (Peridot). But I learn it by you as well. Miyu is very happy and lucky to go to Heavers Farm ! Thank you.

  3. I agree because if you work extremely hard in literacy you will get a good mark and maybe if you keep working hard you can move up a table which will make you happy but if you don’t work hard at all you will move down and get bad marks.

  4. Thank you Yasuo,

    What a lovely comment. We are also very lucky to have you and your family here as part of our Heavers Farm family.

    Best wishes


  5. happieness isnt about having all the power in the world or having caviar for every meal, happieness can only exist by being comfortable in your own skin.

  6. I agree, I believe we can make up our minds to be happy; sometimes we need to try really hard but it its possible. Malik’s mum (reception class)

  7. I agree, because when you are doing good stuff, you feel happy, but when you do bad stuff it does not always make you happy, because it can hurt you as well as other people. what makes me happy is different to what makes other people happy. I like art and designing my fashions this makes me happy. Seven – Ruby class

  8. I agree because you cant always be happy it is because you need happy thoughts,

  9. I agree because our action repesents your emotion and your emotion shows if your happy or not.P.S. If I spelt something wrong please don’t judge me.

  10. Hello Chissenia,

    Thank you for your thoughtful comment and of course no-one will judge you for your spelling. You have obviously given careful thought to what you have written and that is much more important.

    Best wishes

    Ms Papas

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