14 thoughts on “Thought for the week: What is love?


    1.love is when somebody likes you.
    2.love is when somebody gives you a hug or kiss
    3.love is the pinocle of friendship.
    4.love is also a matter of scociology.
    5.love is also friendship love
    6.love is when likes you if you had a girlfriend and aks her to marry you it still means you love your girlfriend it means you love her so so MUCH


  2. Love is unconditional,like the love that Jesus has for us when he died on the cross.God is love because he first loved us.

  3. Love is peace and joy, witch is on the outside and the inside of you.
    love is the most things nice about you.
    love is also stored in your mind,heart and soul.

  4. love is when your caring
    love is helping
    love is liking somebody
    love is special
    love is joy

  5. 1.love is the most powerful feeling from your heart.
    2.when you really like someone that is love.
    3. if somone stops what they like and start doing what you like that is a sighn of love.
    4.if you are really close to someone and you like them a bit too much that is a different sighn of love.
    5.love is a big step to romance.

  6. Love is a feeling.
    Love is some one who helps you in life.
    Love is some one who you really care about.

  7. You share love with family and friends also charitys to show that you care for them and others that you don’t know.

  8. This is what love is…

    a feeling when your liked,

    a kiss and a hug show’s your loved and

    you wouldn’t be born without it. You’ll love a boy/girl/animal,

    you will be cared for and

    it’s something very strong (doesn’t brake).

  9. Children’s love is when they get friends and when each other call there friends to come to their sleep over and adults get married.

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