21 thoughts on “Thought for the week: If you swapped brains with your friend you would be them…

  1. MIA says its true because you would think like them.

  2. I’m not really sure because if you had a friend and you swapped brains maybe you’ll have the same memories and also you can tern in to that person.

  3. You would be different but if you liked doing the same thing as each other you might do it differently and if you liked some thing they didn’t they would be different. Even if to say your on the highest table and there not if you swapped brains you’ll swap tables and possibly handwriting. Some times it isn’t good to swap brains and I agree with Ana you would not swap bodies.

  4. I dissagree because you switch brains not personality’s. All you are doing is changing your apperances and how you think of life’s problem.
    Please reply.

  5. Hello Dersian,

    Thank you for your comments. I am not sure that I agree with you. I think if you switch brains then you may switch personalities. Your appearance would probably stay the same, but who knows!

    Ms Papas

  6. I disagree and agree because if swapped brains with your friend and he was not smart and you were you will end up being not smart like what you were before. The only thing that will stay the same is your appearance.

  7. I disagree because you would still have your appearance. What do you think about this?

  8. Well Joseph, I think that you may look like your friend but would you would still have your own thoughts, personality and memories. Does this mean that you are still you? Your friend? Both? Neither?

  9. I agree with this statement because if you swapped brains you would have different opinions. For example: If my sister and brother swapped brains, then my brother will like tutus and my sister will like balls. Also, you’ll have a different appearance depending on personality. Example: Someone is very well-behaved, whereas another person’s horrible. Most bad people will look different as their eyebrows will be as if they’re cross, but people who are good will have their eyebrows in a slightly different way. So, what I am trying to say is that your appearance will change.

  10. Hello Syrai,

    An interesting idea, you may share some DNA as your brain would be on your friend’s body. However, would this mean that you became your friend? What about identical twins who have identical DNA, are they the same as each other in every way?

    Ms Papas

  11. Another interesting idea, thank you Alliyah.

    I am curious about your notion that behaviour affects your appearance. If bad people looked very different to good people it would make the Police’s job much easier! I agree that when people feel different emotions then this can be reflected in their face. You have certainly given me something to think about.

    Ms Papas

  12. I disagree because in your heart you have a soul,in your brain you have your memories that is why I disagree

  13. If you swap brain with your friend you would have their brain but your experiences as you and the way you look will be yours. You are a mix between experiences and ideas

  14. You have to swap brains cause if that person was smarter than you you would be the smartest anyway so I agree.

  15. I agree because if you where to swap brains, you would enjoy the other persons hobbies,family,favourite food and different mind.

  16. If it was a boy that swappped brains with a girl would the person still be a boy or girl?

  17. If the person you swapped brains was a naughty person you would be naughty and if the naughty person swapped brains with a really good girl or boy the bad behaviour will change ..

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