15 thoughts on “Thought for the week: Failure

  1. I think what the message is trying to tell you is that if you have tried something and you didn’t succeed, you should never give up because when you fail, it makes you stronger like Michael Jordan.

  2. I think that when you make mistake you can learn from them.

  3. I think this message is trying to tell you that if you fail you can learn from your mistakes, for example if you are in a very hard game and you give up you learn nothing but if you keep trying you will finally succeed.

  4. I think I failed some times but I really like winning please comment back.

  5. Hello Adithya,

    I think that we all fail, and we all like winning. As Michael Jordan says maybe it is our failures that help us win.

    Ms Papas

  6. I think Michael Jordan is correct because if you fail in life you can learn from your mistakes and know what you did wrong and go back and do it right. Like he said that is why he succeeds.

  7. I think it’s true because you can look back and improve on that.

  8. I agree with Michael Jordan because you should never give up and try your hardest to accomplish your goal and carry on trying if you still get it wrong.

  9. Failure. Is. Something That. Help. You. Learn. Form. The. Bad. Things. You’ve Doun. It. Help. My. Mum. To.

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