12 thoughts on “Thought for the Week: Should you always do as you are told?

  1. Mia says yes, otherwise you will get into trouble, detention or suspended , except if you know your right.

  2. But by always doing as you are told you could be doing what anyone tells you to do.Observe, a 13 year old girl is out with her freinds, she promises her mum that she would be back by sundown,but stays out until gone 12 o’clock at night.Soon the girls meet a vicious looking man who tricks them into handing over their phones and purses saying “dont worry you can trust me” he sniggers but in the nick of time the police arrive and everything turns out fine.MORAL:Do as a responsible adult tells you to do,not someone you cant trust!. Please Reply

  3. Hello Lucas,

    I quite agree! You need to always evaluate the situation and what it is that the person is telling you to do. You also need to think about the context. Your example illustrates this beautifully, thank you.

    Ms Papas

  4. I think that you should do as your told most of the time,
    but not always because it could be an emergency,
    like your mum could have told you to stay in the
    house or not call anyone and touch the phone,
    but if the house is on fire you need to call 999
    then leave the house because it is for your
    own health and safety.

    by Edee

  5. I think you should not always do as you are told because the person you are talking to could be lying.

  6. I think you should only sometimes listen to people because they can tell you to do the rong thing like jump out of the window.

  7. I think you shouldn’t always do as your told because if someone told you to kill someone, you know you wouldn’t do it. Also I think you should follow your consions and decide for yourself. But when it comes to doing what your teacher tells you to and your parents, it’s a must (even though we don’t alway listen ).

  8. I agree with you Eden, like the last time me and my mum walked home from school, we were about to miss the bus so I ran quickly to stop it even though my mum told me it was to late and it would go. Luckily, the bus driver saw me and stopped and waited for us. If I hadn’t of ran, it would have probably gone. So don’t always do everything people say!!

  9. I disagree because what if that person you know tells you to do something wrong and you do it .

  10. I think that we should listen to the people that we know because if your sister said please can you eat your food you could do that. That is good. please comment.

  11. I dont think you should always listen to what you have been told because if someone tells you to jump of a cliff or kill someone I am sure you wont do that.

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