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Thank You!

Thank you for your generosity. On Friday we raised over £600 from our pyjama day and cake sale. In fact we had so many cakes that we will be selling more after school on Monday.

We will send the money to the BBC Children in Need appeal this week.

11 thoughts on “Thank You!

  1. Big well done to all involved and I know our daughter madison enjoyed the PJ party and cakes

  2. Thanks Alan,

    We all had a good day on Friday, everyone had a lot of fun as well as raising a lot of money.


  3. Fantastic! Mia enjoyed the day so much especially the cakes. X will be buying more on Monday.

  4. thats amazing the children getting this must be proud of themselves and we should be proud for our kind genourosity

  5. It’s really nice sometimes to help raise money for ill children or children in need.

  6. Thank you Miracle,

    I hope Mr O will be back in class with you very soon. I know he misses you all too.

    Ms Papas

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