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Thought for the Week: Ibrahim and story telling

We have recently discovered that we have a very talented animator amongst us. Ibrahim Muhammad in Year 6 has been busily producing a series of animations at home. As we have our special story telling week this week I thought that you might like to see how Ibrahim tells a story using stop-frame animation.

This animation is Ibrahim’s summer holiday homework using Kenneth Branagh’s voice reading the famous speech from the introduction to William Shakespeare’s Hamlet.

This one is a film Ibrahim made using his own voice to tell the start of a story.

Let us know what you think of Ibrahim’s films and how they help start a story. Think about how you are telling and writing stories this week and share your thoughts about what you are doing. I look forward to seeing what you all get up to in class this week and maybe seeing some story telling performances in next Friday’s assembly!

11 thoughts on “Thought for the Week: Ibrahim and story telling

  1. Wow that is so amazing what talent Ibrahim has. I think that the first animation is very dramatic and inspiring also because of the way the lego man is talking.

  2. I like what you done Ibrahim because what you have done involved skills and determination because on your first one I would of given up, but from looking at what you done it looks like you are saying “Don’t give up and try your best”. Well done Ibrahim!

  3. I really like Ibrahim Video because it not just like a lego on computer, it has emotion however when I see the video I thought that an adult made this video.

  4. I think that what Ibrahim has done is really good and fascinating. I really thought that an adult had done it. Ibrahim must have worked hard to be able to do this.

  5. I think it was good because I like how Ibrahim done the animations. He must of studied hard to make it better and better he has not just chosen them and said it is done. He looked over it.

  6. I think its very good and funny and I liked the way that he changed his voice.

  7. Well it was good. It would been good if Ibrahim did his own voice. But I did really like both of them they both looked real. Both of them were fantastic.

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