41 thoughts on “Thought for the week: Would you dare play with an alien?

  1. Well if I had a real alien I would not play with it but as I figure out if it is nice or not I will react to its behaviour. Eg if it was loving and kind I would treat it the same and if it was scary ,rude and horrible I would call 999 for the police.

  2. No I won’t play with an alien even if If it has no friend ,alien doesn’t even have friends .

  3. I won’t play with a real alien because I don’t know if it’s a bad or good alien.

  4. I would play with an alien because it would be different and it might be able to understand me more than other people can.

  5. It depends on its behavouir because if it was a spiteful alien that was mean I wouldn’t but if it was kind I would.

  6. Yes I would it would be a good thing to do and it might be fun. Because something is different it does not mean it is bad.

  7. I would love to play with an alien if it has no friends because I do not have any friends in my class. I would play the clapping game with my alien. I would ask her name.

  8. I would play wih an Alien becuase, like the chimpanzee they may show human intelligence,emotions,life style and hey mabey just like the Giraffe and the human it would have exactly 7 vertibrae. P.S Please correct me if I have spelled vertibrae wrong.

  9. Hello Lucas,

    An interesting view. I am curious, would the number of vertebrae the alien possessed be important when making a decision as to whether to play with it? It’s not something I would have thought of. Maybe you could explain your thinking?

    Ms Papas

  10. But adithyadurai how would you know the aliens gender?.I mean It is a different species from us it could be mixed together with a male and a female alien.Spooky!!!!!!!

  11. But maybe that’s what’s interesting about an alien? We don’t know who or what they are. Male and female may mean nothing to an alien. They may have a different set of genders! What do you think?

    Ms Papas

  12. That is a nice thought Adithya,

    I am sorry to hear that you don’t have any friends in your class. Do you have friends in another class?

    Ms Papas

  13. Hi ms Papas I have Aknowleged your comment So I will elaborate on my comment all I am saying is Aliens could be a primitive species mimicking our life style you have seen parrots mimicing our language havent you? who is to say Aliens arent watching us and mimicing us for a big change of culture from primitive to modern.In other words playing with an Alien is a definate maybe.

  14. An interesting idea Donna,

    Maybe aliens could know things about us that humans couldn’t. Maybe they would understand us in a different way. What do you think?

    Ms Papas

  15. Thank you Lucas,

    You have explained your idea well. Although I am not sure who you define as primitive? Humans or aliens? Then how would the change occur?

    Ms Papas

  16. Or be that as it may if no one has proof or evidence you dont know if it is harmless vicious or down right adorable!

  17. If I play with a alien with no friend . He would be happy,smiley but if I didn’t play with the alien he would be very sad.

  18. Great Idea Eden but to if the alien is captured becuase it really is mean dont you think that Animal Control or The Exterminator would be a better service to call.

  19. well of course, it depends on the size of the alien. it could be a giant carnivorous alien or maybe a regular human sized alien. First of all we need to find out if aliens really do exist. Maybe alien ruled the whole universe, before dinosaurs came to earth, before the earth was created. the aliens could have made the planets just like when the Romans made the road.Scientist have been looking at different planets to see if aliens live on them. they have also been looking at new discovered planets. Do aliens exist? this question has been asked by millions of people for over a century. Maybe? So I might play with the alien. I mean, its worth a try, don’t you think so?

  20. Hi again Heavers Farm School I’m D I think if I saw a Alien and it was kind and nice I would play with it but if it was horrible and destroying things I wouldn’t.

  21. No, because you don’t really know Aliens, also you don’t know if they can do something dangerous to you, but if they don’t have any friends, then I will call 999 (the police) and tell them that there is a Alien, and tell the police, that it has no friends. 🙁

  22. I would not dare play with a alien because it might be bad.

  23. I would not dare to play with a alien because it might not be nice and it could destroy the world also make a earthquake…………

  24. Hi Sanjai I must agree with you but what if the Aliens are not what we expected. Or are hiding in disgiuse as your Pet or something very common ,even the smallest ant could have alien D.N.A,we do not know what secrets the universe hold ,they are for us to find out like is there a bigfoot lingering alone in the isolation of north america?. That is what we are on earth for to create,discover,but most of all is to learn.So playing with an alien will have to be determined on if it can be tamed or at least domesticated like a cat,dog,,goldfish,or gerbil. Thank You for your time& patience.

  25. I would play with it if i did not have no one to play with i would play with him or her but if i had someone to play with i would just joyen her on him to my game .

  26. I would not play with an alien because if it was kind one,it might be pretending to be nice.

  27. An idea/theory has hit me, what if Aliens are just peaceful amphibians like the Iguana or Chameleon, hiding from the sight of humans. For all we know they could be watching us blog, probably monitoring our every word!!!!

  28. I would play with a alien ,if it did not have any friends. If it had friends,and it tried to hurt me …NEVER!!!!!!!!

  29. you wont know unless you play with it (KANHAI)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  30. I wouldn’t even play with an alien because I never liked the look of them in the first place and I would call 999 and 911.

  31. i agree with you very much sy’rai if it had no friends, if it was friendly I DON’T LIKE ALIENS AND I NEVER WILL IN A MILLION YEARS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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