14 thoughts on “Thought for the week: Langston Hughes

  1. It makes me want to work harder i feel to put more effort on everything i do. I agree with what he says because its positive.

  2. He is saying without dreams you won’t get far in life, and if you don’t have dreams you won’t be living, so I agree with the statement.

  3. I believe that without dreams we would not have any hope and we would settle for ordinary rather than trying to achieve our goals.

  4. I agree with caleb gibbons and my epion is if a bird wings broke it will come to your feelings and your heart might break like when you feel sorry.

  5. Dreaming is good, it creates focus for the future

  6. I agree because you should always hold on to your dreams because if you let go of it your dream could never come back forever

  7. I think he says this because he is trying to inspire people. 🙂

  8. I think it means that even if someone says to you your dreams are never going to come true don’t believe them always hold on and never let go:)

  9. I agree with what he said because if we had no dreams it would be like we were in a black hole.

  10. I think it means that if you let go of your dreams and you get the job you want you should never turn your back on it because its a once in a lifetime experience

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