24 thoughts on “Thought for the Week: Would you rather people were never allowed to…

  1. MIA says that she would rather people show all of their feeling so we can help them if they need help.

  2. I would pick being silly because it can get you In a lot of troble and it can get dangerous.

  3. I would rather that they would not be silly because people I see will be silly for a long time which I don’t really like so if there was no sillyness I would be happier.

  4. I would choose to stop people being silly because if your silly you’ll stop people being angry because you could get annoyed of some one being silly.

  5. I think, that silly because, you can get a pair of scissors and play around and you can hrt yourself and others.So it’s really dangerous

  6. I would choose being angry cause if I was to get in trouble my mum would get so angry

  7. I would rather think people to not be silly because they disturb the classes

  8. I will pick silly because it will put you in place that you are not ment to be.

  9. I would rather have silliness banned because all the rest are emotions and it’s impossible to steal someone’s emotions.

  10. I would rather pick be scared because I dont think any one should be scared in there own country or own house

  11. I would rather if people were not allowed to be silly as you can get into big trouble. Also if you are silly you can make people angry.

  12. I would pick silly because if it gets out of hand it can be dangerous and quite disterbing .

  13. I think silliness as silliness causes anger,fear and sadness.
    If you are silly and you tease some one they will get angry…
    If you are silly and you watch scary movies that are not rated your age you will soon be scared and loose your concentration…
    If you are silly and break something in your house your parents might shout at you and you will be sad.

  14. I wouldn’t let anybody be angry because if their angry and you say hi they will lay their anger on you!!!

  15. Anger, it is a very destructive emotion that destroys families, friendships and communities

  16. I think people were never allowed to be sad because if they are sad they are angry is well and they will get silly

  17. i agree because lots of people cant stop being sad,angry and scared.

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