1. 1 . If there was no thing such as love , i wont be here right now because most people
    fall in love and then get married and mabey get children .

    2. There would be war all around the world and there might not be romance .

  2. If there was no love the world would be filled with hatred and nobody would forgive you as well as having no friends because a strong friendship is just the same as love.

  3. If there was no such thing as love there won’t be forgiving sharing and warring everyone will just hate each other which won’t be good at all. IN addition to that no one will be kind they will just be so rude which will really be horrible.

  4. If there was no such thing as love there would be no such thing as hate either. 🙂

  5. 1.If there was no love everybody would just dislike each other.:)
    2.If there was no love there will be no fun in life.:)

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