Heavers Brain Teasers

We now have an exciting new blog Heavers Brainteaser where you will find the weekly brain teasers. There is a link to it on the left, in our list of blogs. We will also put a link to it on all of the class blogs.

One week there will be a literacy brain teaser and the next week there will be a numeracy brain teaser. If you are in Nursery to Year 2 you can have a go at the KS1 brainteaser. If you are in Years 3 to 6 you can try the KS2 brainteaser. Just add your answer by leaving a comment underneath that weeks brainteaser.

We will choose a winner every week in assembly and they will win an exciting prize. So why not head on over to the Heavers Brainteaser blog and have a go!