Bored with VCOP?

Mr Ovenden is setting a challenge over on the Literacy Blog. He thinks that some of his Year 5 pupils are getting a little bored with hearing about VCOP so he is asking children, from Heavers Farm or any other school, to come up with a VCOP rhyme, rap or song . So if you think that you are better than Patronic why not have a go and leave your suggestions on the Literacy Blog. We will choose the best ones to be performed in assembly.


  1. WOW I’m not so shore I would like to peform by myself I know Maria might want to do it by herself. She’s confident.

  2. V.C.O.P – its as easy as making tea – theres a V a C a O and a P – they each stand for special word – listen to me – i must be heard!!! – V for vocabulary this is very important -they can be as big as an elephant or small as a ant!! Next comes C for connectives to work this out you dont need to be a dectective – these words join a sentence together this is something you will have to remeber forever!! after that comes O for openers – now these are very handy if you want a sentence to sound catchy! – and last but not least , P for punctuation these will make life for your readers much easier -im going to stop now , before i make this poem sound cheasier!!!!!
    hope this helps!!

  3. Thank you Shanade,

    I am glad that you are still helping us out! Mrs Cousins and Mrs Shekar missed you today when they were planning next weeks literacy lesson. Hope you are well and enjoying secondary school.

    Best wishes

    Ms Papas

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