1. Its our inner conciousness that decides the right/wrong.

  2. When we work together by listening to each other in order to create the best solution for the event/task/situation in front of us. We may even need to present our decisions to a third party in order to confirm our conclusions.

    We also have to accept that us as individuals don’t have all the answers.

    From Michelle brown

  3. When you do something really bad you need to face the consequences not run away from the consequences otherwise it will get big.

  4. things are right if what you are doing is a nice thing for other people or yourself. they are wrong if they upset someone else or upset you! right miss papas!

  5. Whats right is is when you follow the rules and behave yourself even if you are outside and follow the rules. That`s right.

    And whats wrong is if you bully someone and steal or whatever. That is what wrong is.

  6. we no its right or wrong if i need to do numeracy and we had to share and i done the challenge and I think’t it was wrong I would tell the teacher if it was right

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