Holiday Homework

Hello everyone, I hope that you are all having a great summer break. This is a reminder about your homework for the summer holidays; a note from Mr O went home at the end of last term to explain what you needed to do.

Each year group is focusing on a different author. Your homework is to research your year group’s author and read as many books by them as possible by the start of next term. You can use the links below to start your research, but remember that you should write in your own words and not simply copy and paste.

NurseryMick Inkpen
ReceptionMaurice Sendak
Year 1David McKee
Year 2Julia Donaldson
Year 3Roald Dahl
Year 4Anthony Browne
Year 5Cressida Cowell
Year 6William Shakespeare

Mr O has set up a new blog for literacy – the Heavers Literacy Blog. Please go and have a look as he has added some good links on there. He has also added a link to the goodreads app which shows you some of the books that Mr O has read.

Why not join goodreads too so you can keep track of your own reading. 


  1. Hi Miss Papas – Shanade here, what is our show called, and when is it coming on?
    Would be a real help – thankyou.

  2. Hello Shanade,

    Lovely to hear from you. I hope you’ve had a good summer and are looking forward to your new school. The programme is called ‘Goodbye Year Six’ and it goes out next Monday 3rd September at 4.30pm on CBBC. I’ve seen some of it and it looks really good! You come over very well on camera. Details are on the CBBC website.

    Don’t forget to come and visit us and let us know how you’re getting on at secondary school.

    Best wishes

    Ms Papas

  3. Please could you inform me,,as am abit confused with which class shanthini is in for year two,,,shanthini was in emerald class in year one,,,what colour would she be in year two,,and which auther will she need to read up on?,thanks,
    shanthinis mum

  4. hi ms papas
    thank you so much for the reply…….take care
    shanthinis mum

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