1. Life wouldn’t always be happy because if your not thinking nice thoughts it may hurt peoples feelings, also when your planning a surprise party, it won’t be much of a surprise the same when your buying or thinking of buying a present for someone.

  2. If you could read peoples mind or have the ability to read peoples mind you could find something personal and spread it but I think if it is a small thing you probally would not spread it because it does not mean that much but if it was a big issue you would.

  3. People would not need to speak because they would know what each other was thinking. Jokes wouldn’t be funny. It would be good to know if people were thinking nice thoughts and it would stop some accidents if we knew what other people were going to do.

  4. I think reading peoples minds is a bad idea because if your friend was angry about you for doing something and you read her mind at that point she or he might not think there
    your friend.

  5. If I could read other people’s mind it would be bad because they might think you`re doing silly things.

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