1. If dreams came true it would be a miracle due to the fact everyone would get anything they wanted.Futhermore it would be a whole new world as it just would be different.

  2. If dreams came true the whole world would be scared!!!
    If you think about it, some peoples dreams could be about war games e.g black ops or modern warfare 3, world war 3 would start!!!
    On the other hand some dreams could be good if someone had a dream about ending world hunger or something of equal importance. In conclusion I agree with Shardiya; the world would be different.

  3. Well it wouldn’t be earth! Some may want to have there passed away siblings come back some may not go to school.Though we will all have what we want … But STILL WE WONT HAVE PEACE most people would just go to war or kill or either take earth One thing I know for sure is that it would be like lalaland a mix of good and evil ,craziness and it would just be CRAZY!

  4. That will be bad beacos you mite be dreaming that you are having a baby. If you had it in real life you could easily have 1234 and never know!


  5. I think if your dream came true it will be amazing because if you dreamed to have something that you really liked it would come true.

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