1. yes I am agreed with you Noor, If I lose I don’t feel embarrassed , I will find out why I lost then next time i will know what to do.

  2. When you lose a game or a match you tend to feel disheartend at first but when you take a closer look at why you lost you start to belive in yourself.

  3. When you lose you can lose confidence in your self and become afraid of approaching competitions just in case you lose.If you go to a game to big headed you could be angry at yourself because you thought that you were going to win it would be an unexpected moment with an unexpected action.

  4. I agree with jada beacuse if you lose is doesn’t matter. Try your best because when amy was doing football she scored 19. Thats okay because she tried her best.

  5. If you lose it doesn’t matter you can try again and try to win then.

  6. It doesn’t matter if you lose its about what you have put into it, and next time you can defeat it and then win.Remember losing ain’t the end of the world!!!!!

  7. I think that if you loose it is not a problem because everyone has to loose at something.Also we should never give up and if we do that we will be winners! Normally when you loose you get angry with yourselves but there is no need because if you tried your hardest that is what mostly counts.

  8. I think that when people lose they will be very disappointed but they need to remember its just a game .

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