1. I think if we don’t have sports we would be un-fit and all the boys would be sad because there isn’t any football

  2. if there were no sports then there, no one will be healthy and every body will be un heathy.

  3. If no one played sports they wont be fit and there will be a bigger population of obese people .

  4. people would be lazy-no-one would exercise because it would’nt exist and people would be unhealthy.

  5. You wouldn’t get any exercise, and you wouldn’t be healthy.

  6. If there was no sport people would be very overweight and very weak. It would be super boring because you would not have anything to do. You would not know how to run. People need to exercise so that they can be healthy. If there was no sport then there would be no Olympics, and I would not be able to go and watch or play Taekwondo.

  7. If there was no sports the crime rate would go up because there would be no sports to take people’s interest , consequently the politics and police and emergency jobs would soon be prevented because there would be so much crime nobody could take it and they would give up their job.This would also effect the communities
    because sport plays a big part in communities e.g Say a person was a teenager and they were living on the street and a community came and put him in their care home place so he could do activities but if the sports were not there they would wan’t to go back on the street and be lonely and poor.That is what I think will happen if there are no sports.

    Ashley from coral class

  8. If no one played sports we wouldn’t have legends, champions or sport role models

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