1. if there was no numbers we would not pay the right amount of money to shop keepers because we would not know how much an item would cost. 🙂

  2. “If there are no numbers you can’t have a birthday. If there are no number you can’t have a door number, so you don’t know where anyone lives.”

  3. If there were no numbers then we would’nt have been able to call your family or a friend.Instead you would have to use 11 letters like edeneithrnm and that would just be so confusing and fustraiting.

  4. what i think is if there were no numbers then your mum will say you should buy milk milk milk milk milk then u will go there and you will forget .

  5. I agree with terrence and jade bcause if there were no numbers you would not the date and we would notn no the time

  6. If there were no numbers than we would’nt know what year it was because the year has numbers and actually we wouldn’t be born!!

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