1. i think what makes you better is that if you be good and never get warnings you will go threw your life but if you do bad things then you will have problems threw your life between those then you have to make a right choice.

  2. I think what makes you a better person is that if you never get warnings or get detention then that,s what makes you a better person but if you get warning and get detention then that,s how you get problems in your life.

  3. i think if your bad your not going to grow up like a normal person your going to rob and steal
    but if u look at some one and the teacher says well done they will get a sticker and merits and u wont have any and u will be left out and u need to follow that person and do the right choice

  4. I believe that if you want to be a better person it deepens on your behavior & your you morals,because if make wrong choices you won’t be good.
    P.S:Morals are kind of like behavior.

  5. I am Ashley neighbor and i go to white horse manor
    i think your behaviour makes you a better person because when you think something it shows in your behaviour .
    when you grow up then you better mind up

  6. I think that your behaviour and the way you treat others makes you a better person because if your not nice to your friends you wont have any.

  7. Your morals because you might behave badly and you did something that you shouldn’t of done and your moral would be never to do that but you still might behave badly.

  8. I think it depends on your behaviour, but then your behaviour could change with the morals that you choose.

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