1. If all people looked the same it would be weird!!

    We all look different, because we are all different people, e.g – our personalitys or backgrounds.If we all looked the same then no one would be able to tell us all apart. It would be confusing.

  2. If all people looked the same it would cause a havoc no-one would know who’s who the police (who would all look the same) will arrest the wrong people.In addition everyone is different in their own special way differrent voices,different talents and different dreams.

  3. ◄animAN36► not good people wont see who will be nice and like one gender is bad!

  4. If we were all the same. if we was in trouble we won’t no who is that person and they will get the wrong person

  5. If we all looked the same it will be hard to tell who is who because if we wanted to play with some one we mite choose the wrong person

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