1. If there were no grownups, we wouldnt be here.The world would be empty.Therefore we need adults, even if we dont think we do!!

  2. If we didnt have adults how would we learn, grow up, eat, buy,work for money etc. So even though we think we don’t need adults; they are important in our life.

  3. I agree with you Mariam.
    If there were no adults we wouldnt be able to do any of those things and more.
    I think that this thought of the week could really open us kids eyes,especially if you think that adults are just here to tell us of and disapline us. 🙂

  4. If there were no grownups,we would be left to wander away from doing right. The presence of grownups is very important because they tell us what to do, they support us, they guide us, encourage us and help build us morally. They also tell us off when we do wrong things for our betterment.

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