Ofsted Inspection

Our Ofsted inspection finished on Friday. We are very pleased with the results, however, we are not allowed to share the outcome with anyone until the final report is published in about two weeks time. We would like to thank all of our parents, children and staff for their support during the inspection. The inspectors told us that they had many conversations with both children and adults and that they heard lots of positive things about the school.

During their feedback meeting they said that our school had been a pleasure to inspect, so thank you to everyone who contributed.

We will distribute the full report to everyone as soon as it has been published.


  1. Congratulations to all we will soon know how the inspection went. But looking at the comments we should all be proud of the positive comments about our school is and what a pleasure it was as this goes along way.

    Big thanks to Ms Papas and the leadership team, Patricia and Graham for giving so much of their time. The rest of the teaching team and support staff all pulling together as it needs all the cogs in the machine to keep it running smoothly and for putting in the extra hours and effort (110%) to make the school the best we can and hope that its reflected in the result. We are all proud to be part of Heavers Farm School

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