Ofsted Questionnaire

The Ofsted Parent Questionnaire is available here.

We will have paper copies available before school on Wednesday and Thursday morning. We will also send paper copies home with the children after school on Wednesday, we would be extremely grateful if you could return them to the inspection team in a sealed envelope, marked ‘confidential’ and addressed to the inspection team. If possible, please return your questionnaire by 1pm on 12 January 2012 as this will give the team more time to consider your views. However, they will consider all questionnaires which arrive during the inspection.

Questionnaires will be confidential to the inspectors and will not reveal your name to the school. The inspectors will use the questionnaires to help make their judgements.




  1. Having the ofsted here was fun!!

    I’m so proud of myself, as the Ofsted inspector said that my english work was worthy of a level 6!

    I think the school did well in the inspection, and have got good marks!

    Shanade, Y6

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