1. Try your best do not let your self fail. If you do fail try again because practise makes perfict.For e.g. when you was 4 or 5 I bet that you could not hoola hoop but you practised so much you know now how to hoola hoop. MAYBE NOT PERFECT BUT REMEMBER


  2. This thought gives you a very important message,it makes you think that if you give up then it seems that you’ve already failed.Its better to try then fail,then to give up because
    you will regret in later life. So never give up!!!

  3. It’s better to try then fail then try again, not try, fail and give up.

    When you fail a task, you always have the chance to try again, thus letting you learn from your mistakes!!!

    Remember practice makes perfect!!!

  4. If you fail its better to try again still fail but being better than last time

  5. Fail better. Fail better means that if you fail it has a better result than before.
    Follow NED Never give up/Encourage others /Do your best.

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