Remembrance Day 2011

Year 6 spent Remembrance Day with Korean War veterans at the National Army Musuem.

We were delighted to have been invited to spend this very important day with them.

The children went prepared with lots of questions about the Korean War, and had a great time talking to the veterans, trying on the uniforms, looking at the weapons and inspecting the medals.

The children and staff had a fabulous day and they all learnt a lot about the Korean War and the soldiers experience of it.

Amethyst and Aquamarine Classes will be updating their blogs with details of their visit.

As you can see the teachers joined in too!

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  1. Sounds like the year 6 children had a great time on such an important day…from the looks of the photo it won’t be long before the children are all ready for action…..stand to attention, or you will be in detention!

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