Holiday Homework Reminder

Hello. We hope you are all having a lovely break and haven’t forgotten about your homework tasks for the summer holidays!

Your first task is your READING TASK

Decorate your new Learning Log.

Read some books written by your year group’s chosen author *see below

Find out as much information as you can about the author and present it in an exciting way in your Learning Log. Remember you can use drawings, mind maps, photos, book reviews and your opinions in your Log. Try to write in your own words rather than copying and pasting from the Internet.

Your second task is your BLOGGING TASK

Find a blog by a school that is in another country. Leave a (positive) comment on one of their posts and suggest that they look at your blog.

Keep a note in your Learning Log about any blogs that you visit or leave a comment on your own blog about the other school blogs you have visited.

Remember to stay safe on the Internet, and THINK BEFORE YOU CLICK!

Finally remember to bring in your Learning Log to school on your first day back and hand it in to your new teacher.


Nursery – Eric Carle
Reception – Janet and Allan Ahlberg
Year 1 – Anthony Browne
Year 2 – Julia Donaldson
Year 3 – Michael Morpurgo
Year 4 – Jacqueline Wilson
Year 5 – Jeff Kinney
Year 6 – Adam Blade