Reporting on the reporter!

Today a reporter from the Croydon Advertiser came into school to interview some  of our pupils and the Headteacher Ms Papas. Some of the Year 6 pupils decided to report on what she did. This is their report.

The reporter’s name: Rachel.

Children being interviewed: Holly, Tyrese, Nsamwa, Mariam and Karim.

Heavers Farm photographers: Natasha and Elizabeth.

Heavers Farm reporters: Luke.B, Taylor and Bradley.

We reported on Tyrese being interviewed.

Tyrese’s favourite times in Year 6? “All the trips and being filmed for the ITV news”.

How Tyrese feels about leaving Heavers Farm? “Shocked and upset because he has been here for the last seven years and has experienced many great things@.

What was your ambition in Heavers Farm? “Just to get one of the greatest SATs results ever for the school” and to go on to achieving his goal which is to be a footballer.

What advice would you give to the next Year 6? “Stay out of trouble, keep studying and complete your homework. Also make sure you listen in class”.

Anything extra you would like to add? “If you have a goal that you have in life don’t let anyone stop you, just keep looking forward into the future”

by Bradley in Red Class.

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