Art School 2011

Following requests from the children for another whole school art project, we are turning our school into an Art School for two days. When the children return to school on the 27th April 2011 we would like everyone (apart from Year 6) to bring an object that represents someone very important to them. This could be any object of their choosing. The object will be returned at the end of the two days; it will be used as the basis for an art-work on the theme of love. We thought that we would think about love as the project is taking place in the week of the Royal Wedding. The staff will also be asked to bring in an object on the INSET day, so their art work will be part of the whole school project.

Year 6 will be taking part in SATs revision workshops on these two days and will complete the art project after the SATs have finished.

Everyone will be invited to come and look at the completed art work on the evening of Tuesday 3rd May 2011.