Good news

Questionnaire 2011

Thank you to everyone who took the time to complete our recent questionnaire. The results were very good, and we had an even higher response rate than last year.

Overall the results were extremely positive. Your responses tell us is that almost 100% of parents and carers are happy overall with our school and feel that their child is safe and happy here. This is fantastic news.

The results also show that we have made some progress on the points you raised last year on taking account of your suggestions and supporting you with your children’s learning. However, the results show that there is more work to be done in each of these areas.

The priority areas for us in the coming year will be to ensure that we make clear how we deal with unacceptable behaviour as 6% of parents do not know how we do this. We also have to do more work on celebrating children’s progress, as the data in school shows that the vast majority of children are making good progress, however, only 91.9% of parents agreed with this.

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