Headteacher Welcome

Message from the Headteacher

Welcome to Heavers Farm Primary School.

Thank you for taking the time to look at our school blog which we hope will give you an insight into our enthusiasm for learning, the open nature of our approach and our commitment to improving the life chances of each and every one of our pupils. We hope that you take advantage of our blogs to engage with us. We welcome your thoughts and feedback which is why we include the facility to leave comments on all of our blog posts and pages.

I am privileged to lead Heavers Farm alongside Jo Read, the Deputy Executive Headteacher, Dan McCormack our Head of School,  our excellent leadership team and our Governing Body. I have been the Headteacher at Heavers Farm since 2007 and have together with our school community have seen the school go from strength to strength. Since September 2013 I have also been the Executive Headteacher at Selsdon Primary School in South Croydon. Following consultation last year,  we have joined with Selsdon Primary School to form a hard federation. I divide my time between the two schools and we work together with the same aim; to ensure that teaching at both schools is consistently outstanding. This will ensure that all of our pupils achieve to the highest level.

We have found that the staff and pupils at both school have gained a great deal from this partnership. We will continue to collaborate and share ideas, to improve our practice whilst keeping our pupils at the forefront of everything we do.

I look forward to the coming year and the challenges it will bring. I look forward to working alongside the children, families, staff and governors across both of our school communities

Susan Papas

Executive Headteacher

19 thoughts on “Headteacher Welcome

  1. hello miss papas i just want to ask a question? my child is in gold class and i have always sign and comment in the reading diary but the teacher never signs and acknowledge it, while my friends child is in silver and her childs diary is signed every week by the teacher and comment on where she should help her child.

  2. Hello miss papas, i just wanted to thank you so much for everything i will really miss the school so much and my teachers thank you . :) im going to miss all of you

  3. Hello Rochelle. Thank you for such a lovely message and for taking the time to thank everybody. We will miss you too! I am sure that you will be very happy and successful in your new school. Don’t forget to come in a let us know how you are doing in Year 7. Ms Papas

  4. Miss Papas,

    Please may we arrange asap, a meeting/discussion regarding the home visit I had this week.

    Kind Regards

    Bianca Layne

    • Hello Bianca,

      Sorry, however, I am based at Selsdon for much of the week at the moment. Mrs Shekar and Mrs Cousins are leading the school in my absence. If you have a concern I think the best thing to do is for us to arrange a meeting with Miss Dickins, the Early Years Phase Leader, as soon as possible. I will pass your message on to Miss Dickins so that she can contact you tomorrow.

      Best wishes


  5. Thank you for your speedy response; as always.

    Yes that will be appreciated.

    I hope to speak with Miss Dickins tomorrow.

    Thank you.


  6. Miss Papas,

    This afternoon I asked to speak to the headteacher and was told I could not.

    I was told I have to go through what appears to be a chain of command, teacher, phase leader, deputy.

    Why is the headteacher inaccessible to the parents of the children for which they have a duty of care?

    • Hello Althea,

      I am sorry that you haven’t had an opportunity to see me. I am usually in school on Mondays, Thursdays and Fridays and I try to get out in the playground before and after school if parents want to have a quick word. I apologise if you haven’t been able to catch me. I will be outside school tomorrow morning, and after school, if you want to speak to me.

      If you approached the office staff and asked to make an appointment to see me they will have directed you back to your child’s class teacher and then the leadership team. The reason we do this as these are the people who are in school every day and will know your child best, and can usually answer your questions or resolve your complaint very quickly. The two Deputy Headteachers Rachel Evans and Rodney Reid are always available to speak to parents and would be more than happy to meet you.

      If you have a complaint that you would like to pursue more formally, the complaints procedure can be found on this page here:

      We encourage parents to speak to the people directly involved with their child, with the aim that they can resolve their query, or complaint, quickly. If a parent feels that by going through all of these channels that their complaint remains unresolved, then we beign the formal process where I become involved.

      Best wishes


      I do hope that

  7. I’d like to congratulate the Year 1 teaching team and all the Year 1 children on the wonderful performance they put on last Thursday 10/12/14 it was fabulous the children spoke loudly and clearly. The costumes were great. I thought the three Kings costumes were a brilliant idea. This performance has really set the standard and I hope it will be continued. My compliments to all involved!!!

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