Staffing/Class Arrangements for September 2015

Executive Headteacher: Susan Papas

Deputy Executive Headteacher: Jo Read

Head of School: Dan McCormack

Deputy Headteacher: Rachel Evans

Deputy Headteacher: Rodney Reid

Assistant Headteacher: Sara Faulding

Assistant Headteacher/SENCo: Cathy Ferri

  Current Class New Class Teacher Class Cover/Support
YN New intake Little Gems Jacqui Dickins – Federation Year Group Leader Rukhsana Mughal
        Jake Marzetti
YR New intake Gold Rob Harnett – Federation Year Group Leader Henrietta Antwi
YR New intake Platinum Evelyn Sackity Fiona Gabb
YR New intake Bronze Aaron Ambler Sandra Patrick
YR New intake Silver Sinead O’Rourke Sarah Kanaka
Y1 Gold Jade Joanna Szocinski Lisa Ramsarran
Y1 Silver Diamond Jo Cottee Lorraine Day
Y1 Platinum Emerald Emilia Seone-Casal Ayman Gul
Y1 Bronze Peridot Chloe Jacquart/Toni Silvestri TBC
Y2 Emerald Citrine Mitchell Bragg Amanda Duckworth
Y2 Peridot Zircon Sandra Millican – Federation Year Group Leader Marcia Sparman
Y2 Jade Topaz Erik Ikola Sutapa Paul
Y2 Diamond Amber Jessica Russo Sue Williams
Y3 Citrine Pearl Hannah Spence Julie Wyllie
Y3 Amber Jet Harry Cambridge Lesley Marzetti
Y3 Topaz Onyx Ben Phillips Ilirjana Berisha
Y4 Pearl Quartz Tom Sandiford Lorraine O’Shea
Y4 Ruby Turquoise Kristian Lawler Sarah Headnman
Y4 Onyx Opal Robert Askey – Federation Year Group Leader Di McInerney
Y4 Jet Moonstone Jonathan Soffe Helen Weir
Y5 Moonstone Sapphire Billy Perrin Julia Williams
Y5 Opal Coral Mark Swinyard– Federation Year Group Leader

Max Smith
Y6 Sapphire Amethyst Matt Payne Caroline Kelly
Y6 Coral Aquamarine Olivia Bradford Justine Burrows

Well Done Athletes

Congratulations to all our Heavers Farm athletes who competed at the Croydon Primary Athletics Competition yesterday.

We had 7 athletes in the finals, which was a great improvement on last year and a terrific achievement, given that there were nearly 100 schools in the competition!

Our girls relay team ran a storming race, placing 4th in their semi-final, against some really tough competition. Terence Greene Mensah and Taylor Brown ran fantastically in their respective races, and Iqueeno Willocks ran fantastically to come third in her race, despite another child veering into her lane.

A special mention goes to Jemima Chima, who, as well as running a fantastic last leg in the relay, finished third place in the long jump! Below is a video of Jemima’s spectacular second jump, leaving the other competitors in her dust.

Well done to all of our fantastic athletes, who got a special mention from one of the organisers of the event due to their excellent technique and sportsmanship.FullSizeRender

Croydon Primary Athletics Competition!

A few of our children have been competing at the Croydon Primary Athletics Competition for the past two days. Competing in all events, including throwing, jumping and sprinting, Heavers Farm have done exceptionally well. Terrence Greene-Mensah, Taylor Brown and Iqueeno Willocks are going through to the finals tomorrow in the individual sprinting events. Jemima Chima will also be returning to the finals due to her fantastic performance in the long jump, and, along with Vicky Zirora, Kiera-Belle Thompson, Shakira Blake and Iqueeno, as a part of the girls relay team, who all ran exceptionally well to secure a place in the final.

A huge well done to all the Heavers Farm and Selsdon pupils who have already competed, and the best of luck to those who are going to the finals tomorrow! We’ll keep you updated with the results.IMG_2455