Holiday homework

You are going to be in a new class from 7 September 2015.

Your optional Summer holiday homework task is to look at the name of your new class and find out as much as you can about it. In Selsdon the classes are all named after UK based animals. In Heavers Farm the classes from years 1 to 6 are all named after gemstones.

You could perhaps create a poster or a presentation to bring in to school with you on 7 September. Alternatively, it would be great to see some interesting facts about your animal/gemstone posted up on the new year group blogs (yes, the year group from each school will be sharing a blog this year – I’ll be posting these up and linking to them on each school site soon).

Have a great summer.

Mr McCormack

Bicycle winners!


Congratulations to the following children who won a brand new bicycle, and a Halfords voucher, for excellent attendance and punctuality this year. Thank you too to your parents, and other family members, who have helped you achieve this.


Guy Sathananthan Broad. Attendance: 100%  Punctuality: 100%


Alyssa Taylor . Attendance: 99.4%  Punctuality: 100%

AJ Tait  . Attendance: 97.38%  Punctuality: 100%


Aylar Maalia Senoga . Attendance: 98.3%  Punctuality: 100%

Junaid Scott. Attendance: 100%  Punctuality: 99.7%


Eniola Komolafe. Attendance: 97.2%  Punctuality: 99.7%

Luca Smith. Attendance: 96.1%  Punctuality: 100%


Michaela Stanciu Martinez. Attendance: 99.25%  Punctuality: 100%

Alan Lakomiec . Attendance: 98.9%  Punctuality: 99.7%


Chyna White-Green . Attendance: 99.7%  Punctuality: 99.7%

Sireish  Nankani. Attendance: 100%   Punctuality: 99.4%


Rafaela Stanciu Martinez . Attendance: 100%   Punctuality: 100%

Nathaniel Cameron. Attendance:97.8%   Punctuality: 99.1%


Jemima Chima . Attendance: 97%  Punctuality: 100%

Re-Shane  Page-Crooks. Attendance: 99%  Punctuality: 98.6%

Building works

As I am sure you have noticed, work has started on the field on the installation of two temporary classrooms. The foundations are being excavated so that the modular classrooms can be installed during the summer break. These two classrooms will stay in place until the new classroom extension has been built. 

Whilst we have not received any news on the decision about the new building, we have had to go ahead and accommodate the two extra classes of children that are arriving in September. The two year five classes will be going into the new classrooms in September.
We will keep you up to date with news about the building project as we receive it. 

Bicycle Prizes!


Tomorrow morning we will be handing out brand new bicycles to children with attendance of 96% and above (and 3 or less lates) over the whole academic year. Names will be drawn and the winners announced in our celebration assemblies tomorrow morning. The winners of the bicycles will also receive a Halfords voucher which can be exchanged for a cycling helmet or any other item at any store.

Thank you for supporting your children to come to school every day. We have more children than ever in the bicycle draw this year!