The Mystery Continues…

The mystery in Year 2 continues…

Heavers Year 2


The budding journalists in Amber class were able to put their interviewing skills to the test today when they had the chance to interview a witness to the Boardroom Mystery!

Mr McCormack was the first on the scene and was able to give a few more clues about what happened.  The journalists asked questions which they had prepared and then practised their note taking in response to Mr McCormack’s answers. “Have you checked the CCTV?” asked one of the journalists. Mr McCormack then phoned Scott the caretaker to find out what he knew.  He reported that the video for that time is missing!

IMG_0770Words and phrases like: flash of fur, bashing noise, missing fruit and blue ribbon were recorded on the journalist’s whiteboards.

What really happened in the boardroom? Was it an animal that broke in? Or a human dressed in a furry costume? Why were there no footprints leaving…

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Knitting Club

Miss Rosetree is starting a knitting club.

Heavers Year 4

Starting after term break on Tuesday 23st of February there will be a knitting club for the children of year 4,5 and 6. In this club you will learn the basics of knitting and more. But even children who already know how the knit are welcome. The first thing we are going to make will be a mouse. The children don’t need to bring anything. But if you have knitting needles or wool at home, please bring it. Donations are welcome.

There is room for about 15 children, so if your child wants to come and join the knitting club please contact the office. First come first served.

The club will be run by Miss Rosetree the teacher of Turquoise class (year 4)


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Year 5

The year 5 trip to The Science Museum in Kensington was a huge success. The children seemed to really enjoy the whole experience. We learnt so much! The Museum had organised a very special exhibition. The Russian Government sent over a lot of the original space equipment from their space program in the 50’s and 60’s. From what we gathered, the children’s favourite part of the trip was in the cinema. We watched a film called ‘The Legacy of Apollo’. This was a short film based on the Apollo flight to the moon. The experience was made to feel as realistic as possible with moving seats, 3D glasses and even a huge fan to simulate strong wind.

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Houston, the eagle has landed!

PTA Cake Sale


We’re holding a cake sale on Friday 12th February at 3pm.
Please bring in cakes or biscuits n Friday morning to sell – homemade or shop bought, we don’t mind! We will have two cake stalls – one outside Reception classes and the other outside year 2/3.
It’s nearly Valentines Day, so feel free to get creative with the hearts and flowers!
If anyone can spare a bit of time to help on the day we’d really appreciate it.

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What has been going on in the boardroom? Don’t worry, Year 2 are on the case!

Heavers Year 2

Strange things have been happening here at Heavers Farm over the weekend!  Year 2 were surprised to discover a crime scene in the board room!

As the first journalists on the scene, members of each class were let into the board room to look at the damage that had been caused.  They looked at all of the clues that had been left to get a better idea of what had happened.

Next they thought of open questions that they would like to ask a witness to the crime. On Wednesday, children from Year 2 will get the chance to ask the witness their questions.

Have a look at the pictures. What do you think happened?  What would you ask the witness to find out more?


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Crime Scene!